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New Zealand has an enormous range of trophy hunting species available to add to your trophy collection. Expediting of your trophies can be easily arranged with one of New Zealand's leading taxidermists. We can also recommend some excellent taxidermists in the USA.

Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - Red StagRed Stag

Originally from England, Scotland and Europe, Red Deer where liberated in New Zealand countryside from 1851 through to the early 1900's. With our temperate climate, complete lack of predators and the lush vegetation, they soon flourished in both the North and the South Islands.

Red Stags are the European cousin of the North American Rocky Mountain Elk. They are a red/brown colour and an average atag weighs approximately 550 pounds (200 kilos).

The best time to hunt Red stags in New Zealand is from the third week of February until the end of August. The rut for the Red stags is March and April, when the 'roar' is an exciting time for hunting. Early rut is particularly good for bow hunters.



Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - ElkElk or Waipiti

Originally from the USA, Elk were liberated into New Zealand’s Fiordland National Park in the south west corner of the South Island in 1905. They produced heads which were equal to the best heads that were taken in the USA. Today, there are few Elk left in the wilds of Fiordland, so we only offer Elk on large game estates. Elk taken in New Zealand can produce trophy heads in the 300 to 500 SCI class. 

The best time to hunt Elk in New Zealand is from the third week of February until the end of August. The 'bugle' is in March and April.





Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - TahrHimalayan Tahr

Originally from the Himalayas in Asia, these stunning mountain goats were liberated in to the Southern Alps of the South Island of New Zealand in 1905.

The bulls have a magnificent lion-type mane and can weigh in excess of 300 pounds (140 kilos). They are about twice the size of the nannies which also have horns. 

At Lochinvar Safaris we pride ourselves on the fact that most of the Tahr are taken on foot in a free range environment. The best time to hunt Tahr in New Zealand is from early April through to early November when they will be in their full winter mane.

The rut in May, June and July is particularly good.



Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - Fallow BuckFallow Buck

Originally European, Fallow deer where introduced into New Zealand from 1864, with 26 different liberations taking place. Despite its small size compared to the other deer species in New Zealand, Fallow Bucks can be very aggressive during the rut, inflicting fatal wounds between each other. 

Fallow Bucks come in various colours. The most common are black or chocolate brown, the spotted menil, white and ginger. The Bucks can weigh up to 160 pounds (70 kilos) and the antlers are palmated like moose antlers.

During the rut in April, the bucks become very vocal with a grunt or croak noise when they challenge rivals. The best time to hunt Fallow bucks in New Zealand is from late February to October.  

We provide Fallow hunting in a free range and estate hunting environments.


Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - ChamoisChamois

Originally from the Mountains of Austria and Europe, the Chamois is one of the prettiest animals to be had in New Zealand.

An Alpine Antelope, they were liberated at Mt Cook in the Southern Alps of the South Island in 1907 and can now be found on most of the mountain ranges on the Island. 

Chamois have exceptional eyesight and they can weigh between 80 to 100 pounds (35 to 45 kilos). The bucks and nannies have horns and both sexes make exceptional hunting trophies. They can be hunted on foot by helicopter with Lochinvar Safaris.




Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - SikaSika

Originally from Eastern Asia, Sika stags were first liberated in New Zealand in 1885. The smallest in the Cervus family, which includes Elk and Red Deer, Sika Stags are the most aggressive and are very vocal during the rut in April and May. Their call is similar to that of Elk. The best time to hunt Sika Stags in New Zealand is from late February until September.

Sika antlers are typically a 4 by 4 and can make for a very attractive hunting trophy. A big Sika Stag can generally weigh about 180 to 200 pounds (80 to 90 kilos). At Lochinvar Safaris we offer both free range hunting and game estate hunting for a chance to take an excellent Sika trophy.



Sambar & Rusa

Originally from Asia, Sambar Stags and Rusa Stags were liberated into New Zealand in the 1900s. At Lochinvar Safaris offer excellent game estate hunting for both these trophies. Rusa stags and Sambar stags have a 3 by 3 typical style of antlers. The heavier Sambar Stags have shorter but heavier antlers compared to the Rusa stags which can get above 30 inches in length.


Originally from Virginia in the USA, Whitetail bucks were liberated into the Queenstown area of the South Island and on New Zealand’s Stewart Island in 1906. The trophy quality of the New Zealand Whitetail herd does not generally match the size of North American Whitetail. At Lochinvar Safaris we provide free range and game estate hunting for New Zealand Whitetail Bucks.

Red Stag Gold Medal Trophy Hunting - New Zealand NZ Kiwi Safaris - Lochinvar Safaris - RamArapawa Rams, Feral Goats & Wild Boar

Arapawa Rams, feral goats and wild pigs were originally liberated in New Zealand by the British explorer Captain James Cook between 1770 and 1773. At Lochinvar Safaris we offer great trophy hunting for all these species in both free range hunts and game estate hunts. 

Arapawa Rams make a beautiful mount as most of them have a black or speckled face. Our clients have taken some excellent rams and goats. Over the past couple of seasons the trophy quality has just getting better and better.

Wild Boar can be a very physical hunt, but sometimes they can be taken with the use of a pack of pig dogs. This type of hunting can be very exciting with the pig getting the upper hand for a while!


Turkey Hunting

There are good numbers of wild turkeys on two of the properties where we hunt big game so bagging a big Tom does not present a problem.

Other Hunting

Bird Hunting

At Lochinvar Safaris we have relationships with some of the best bird hunting guides in New Zealand. The New Zealand duck shooting season starts on the 1st Saturday of every May and runs through until the middle of July. Canada Geese can be hunted 10 months of the year with no daily limit. The main ducks we hunt are the Mallard and the New Zealand Paradise Ducks. There are very generous daily limits for all the ducks.

Small Game Hunting

If you want to hunt small game after your main hunt or for the enjoyment of your children, we can arrange hunting of Rabbits, Hares, Possums and Wallabies. 

Freshwater Fishing

New Zealand is famous for world class trout fishing so at Lochinvar Safaris we work in with some of the top fishing guides in the South Island. Brown and Rainbow Trout along with King Salmon can be caught in our beautiful lakes and rivers. A half day to a full week's fishing can be arranged to be part of your hunt and tour of New Zealand.

Hunting in Australia

At Lochinvar Safaris we work in partnership with another high quality outfitter who hunts Water Buffalo, Javan Rusa Deer, North Island Rusa, Blackbuck Antelope, Banteng, Chital (Axis) Deer and Hog Deer.

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