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"I wanted to let you know what an absolutely wonderful time Bill and I had at Lochinvar Safaris. Not only was Bill well-pleased with his animals, but we were both impressed with you and your staff's hospitality and ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. To be welcomed as a member of your extended Lochinvar family is a great compliment to how you run your business and lodge.

We had such a great time meeting the generals and their wives. I can certainly see why they return to hunt so frequently! 

The accomodations were first-class and beyond comfortable (I already purchased some of those towels from Cosco.) One of the best parts of staying at the lodge was Joy. She made us feel so at home and we enjoyed learning about her life and travels...not to mention her cooking! We have stayed in many fine hotels all over the US, but we have never eaten so well. 

Both Matt and Kieron were wonderful, each one knowlegeable in his field and willing to share that knowledge. We so enjoyed spending time with them. Next time I will make sure Bill has the correct footwear and that we give Kieron more of an idea what we would like to tour. Even with our lack of planning he was able to show us the astonishing beauty of New Zealand. 

What you have shown us, Mark, is how wonderful New Zealand's people can be!

Our next trip we will bring at least one other couple with us...possibly 2013 or 14...don't worry, we will give you plenty of notice.

We thank you again! Please feel free to share this e-mail with any potential clients...we would be more than happy to recommend you. Let us know when you are in town again, so we can take you to dinner. 

Your new friends in PA,

Julie and Bill Smith"

"Just wanted to drop a quick email and says thanks for a wonderful hunt, I always have a great time hunting with you and my Prada Boy is beautiful. The lodge, the WINE and the food were wonderful and even though I got one fallow, I would take another color.

Joy was wonderful and I just cannot say enough about how much fun I had.  I came home 1/2 lb up but have lost it and another 1/4.  I have also tried two 30 min workouts like you suggested and they are working out much better for me.  They go much quicker and I am not so bored.

Thanks, plan on coming back to South Carolina when you can.

Love, Sandi"

"Major General Oliver L Peacock

To whom it may concern

I have know Mark Harrison for approximately four years and have hunted with him in the US and New Zealand. During my entire association with Mark, he has demonstrated professionalism and competence of the highest order.

My wife and I will continue to book hunts with him in New Zealand, as we consider him to be tops in his profession.

Oliver L Peacock"

"To whom it may concern

This letter is to serve as a recommendation for mark Harrison and Lochinvar Safaris. During my hunt in the Spring of 2005, Mark made every effort to make my hunt a success. His ability to locate game and his knowledge of the local geography is superb. It was quick to see that he is well respected bu his colleagues in the hunting community and well established with the ranches and its owners. His commitment to his clients is excellent. The Gold Medal Red Stag, Bull Tahr and Fallow Deer all exceeded my expectations.

The accommodations were first class and the food excellent. My wife and I received a warm welcome with Jerry and Leigh Basinger at the Victoria Villa. Without hesitation I would recommend that you put yourself in Mark's capable hands.

His attention to every detail made the trip go smoothly and I look forward to hunting with Mark again in the near future. I highly recommend Mark Harrison and Lochinvar Safaris for your next hunting trip to New Zealand.

John Heymans"

"To whom it may concern

I have known Mark Harrison for four years and have hunted with him on two separate occasions. I consider him one of the best guides I have hunted with - including the Professional Hunters in Africa. He has an uncanny ability to find quality game and he always finds a way to stalk within reasonable shooting distance. In addition, he is highly customer focused and he is a fun person to be with.

I first met Mark on a five day hunt in the South Island of New Zealand. Mark was my guide. On his hunt, we took 7 trophies, all SCI Record Book animals. Of the seven animals taken, three were Top ten, Wapiti, Arapawa Sheep, and Himalayan Tahr. I got to know Mark pretty well on his trip as we travelled together throughout the South Island to collect the trophies I desired.

I enjoyed my first experience with Mark enough that I scheduled a 21 day safari with him hunting in both New Zealand and Australia. On this trip, my wife came along as an observer. We spent 14 days in New Zealand hunting both the North and South Islands, as we spent seven days in Australia. On this trip we took 13 trophies, all SCI Record Book animals. Of the 13 animals taken, six were Top Ten, Red Stage, Goat, Whitetail Deer, Sambar, Blackbuck and Water Buffalo. We ended up spending about a third of this trip just touring and we found Mark quite willing to take us wherever we wanted. We found him very knowledgeable of the areas we toured. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the adventure with Mark.

Without hesitation I would recommend Mark for your hunting guide.

Marc Hansen"

"You Don't Need No Stinking Helicopters!

If you want an average hunt, do the average thing. Hunt Tahr from a helicopter.
If you want an extraordinary hunt, do what we did. Book a hunt with Mark Harrison and Lochinvar Safaris. We were put on world class Tahr, and given a world class hunting experience...on foot!

For us, it put "fair" back in "fair chase". The memories and feeling of accomplishment will stay with us forever. It felt good to know we were hunting, and not just shooting. Our guides took care to make sure the pace was set to us as individuals, challenging, but never beyond our abilities.

Regardless of what we did, our needs were not just met, they were exceeded. Transportation, food, accommodations, and photo opportunities were outstanding. Each evening we relived our day's experience with our guides and our innkeepers over delicious home cooked meals and comfortable surroundings. We consider all of them friends for life.

While Tahr hunting was the main reason for our trip, we took excellent Elk, Fallow Deer, and Red Stag. New Zealand and the people have much to offer. From sight-seeing to shopping, even the non-hunters in your group can't help but have a good time. New Zealand's unique, high quality wool and fur products make perfect gifts and keepsakes (it's a little known fact, but Mark is an excellent personal shopper. Opossum and hunting boots are his specialties!).

Without hesitation, we give Mark, Orrin, and all of Lochinvar Safaris our highest endorsement. We can't wait to go back.

Ton and Lori Kutter"

"Hi Mark,

We wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had. We were both happy with the animals that were taken. Ian took care of us from the time we arrived to the day we left.

The accommodations were first-class and comfortable. Joy was great to be around, always so pleasant. She was always looking after us, making us feel at home.

What you have shown us, is a first-class operation, staffed with first-class people.

We thank you again! Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Steve & Judy"

"To whom it may concern

This letter of recommendation comes as the result of a hunt for Red Stag and Tahr my wife Nikki and I completed in May 2006. The entire experience from booking to final farewell in Queenstown more then exceeded our expectations.

Mark Harrison runs small hands on operation with emphasis on the smallest of details being taken are of in timely and professional manner. The hunting was superb; his leases are what I would believe to be some of the better in New Zealand. He has a great deal of knowledge of the country he hunts and the animals that inhabit it. I looked over approximately (45) silver and gold medals stags from which I took two. The Tahr hunt was most interesting as we saw at least (60) animals and (5) trophy Tahr, from which I took one with 12.5 inch horns, (beautiful animals in magnificent country).

The accommodation were at B & B in the small town of Geraldine. A beautiful house, with gourmet food, and most friendly proprietors. Mark helper Orrin Kirby was delightful. When we weren't hunting Orrin would chauffeur us around to various sights, and of course shopping for Nikki. The vehicles and equipment were ll top notch. My trophies were all cared for in a very professional manner to assure perfect condition upon arrival to my taxidermist here in the USA.

Take at least (10) days in New Zealand to hunt and enjoy the country. We'll return again some day. I would not hesitate to recommend this experience to the most particular person I know.

Rick Lovell"


Charlie & Judith Johnson
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Gen Oliver & Catherine Peacock
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Steve & Debbie Smith
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Randy Dasher
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Dave Werkmeister
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Dennis & Jennifer Hand
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Jeff & Penny Reynolds
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Marc & Cheryl Hansen
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